Introduction to IOP

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to serve teens (ages 12 to 17) and young adults (ages 18 to 28) for whom behavioral and mental health issues prevent them from being able to function throughout the day, short term and long term. Teens, families and young adults often reach support from an IOP when they realize that their symptoms impact their sleep, their appetite, that they isolate themselves from their social group or their family and end up withdrawing at home, that they stop fun activities, refuse to go to school, or have to take a leave of absence from college or work.

Our IOP addresses the following behavioral and mental health issues: Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Suicidal Behaviors, Self-Harm, ADHD, Mood Disorder, High Functioning Autism, Bipolar Disorder , and technology addiction.

The IOP is a program to help patients recognize their symptoms, negative thoughts and behaviors, learn strategies to manage them, and get back to a normal level of functioning. Our IOP provides tools to develop a healthy routine to prevent relapse into maladaptive behaviors, to improve communication with patients’ relationships and to succeed at school, work and life in general.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and continuity of care

Our IOP can be utilized to continue patient care after stepping down from higher acuity facilities such as inpatient or residential treatment centers. Additionally, our IOP can serve as crisis intervention in an effort to prevent escalation and hospitalization. Upon completion of our IOP, patients can continue with their providers in our outpatient clinic at Los Gatos Therapy Center or receive care at a location of their preference.

What to expect in the IOP

The IOP includes groups, one individual session and up to one medical visit per week for the teens and the young adult programs. In addition to these three services, the teens’ program offers family sessions with parents and with or without patient, treatment plan meetings with parents every two weeks and one medical visit per week. Parents are required to attend the weekly parent training and the teens/parent’s groups. The effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the level of engagement between both the patients and parents. The program is most effective when parents /caregivers consistently participate in the weekly sessions.

The Team

Our multidisciplinary team members include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Social Worker (LCSW), Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, behavioral specialists, coaches and liaison specialists to provide support to your teen and your family in the program and outside the program.


As a fully networked outpatient clinic, we accept most insurances while we conduct the initial assessment within the context of the outpatient setting. We provide free assessment for IOP patients. The IOP is currently in contract with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, United Healthcare/Optum. If the patient is not in network, we will make our best effort to get a single case agreement with your insurance carrier.